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Automated Chicken Coop Door (Board Only)

Automated Chicken Coop Door (Board Only)

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Package Overview:

We call this the baby chick package. This package is for the maker, it includes just the controller board. You connect all the components the way you want for a completely custom install. The typical required additional components are listed below.



Keep your chickens safe and give yourself peace-of-mind with the Chicken Coop Controller Board. This board makes adding automation to your coop door easier and less error prone. It's simple design makes it a reliable choice for those wishing to add a level of security and convenience to their chicken coop. Never forget to close your coop door again and feel free to sleep in late. 

The connections on this board will allow you to easily add the WiFi Garage Door controller of your choice to your chicken coop door. The board comes with screw-down connectors and is pre-programmed using our open source code. Meaning, you can modify the code if you want to add additional capabilities like turning on lights when the door closes or playing music when the door opens. 


Tech Specs:

Supports up to 3 Amp actuators.

*Actuators must have internal limit switch to power off the motor when fully extended or fully retracted. Most of them do, example of one is listed below. 

  • LED indicators for heartbeat, door closure, relays, and power
  • Internal self-resettable fuse that will trip at 3 Amps
  • USB type A connection for easy WiFi garage door power connection
  • Screw down terminals for Power input and Actuator output
  • Backup battery compatible
  • Arduino Nano with open source code
  • Extra IO available for you to customize

Download Install Manual


Required Additional Components:

  1. Actuator Arm: (Be sure to purchase the length you need for your door)
  2. Power Adapter:
  3. Wifi Garage Door Controller:
  4. Enclosure: (Be sure to get a water tight enclosure)

*The suggested Wifi Garage Door Controller will need to be within WiFi range for internet access. 

**The suggested power supply requires 120V AC.



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