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Automated Chicken Coop Door (Basic Package)

Automated Chicken Coop Door (Basic Package)

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Package Overview:

We call this our momma hen package. This is a turn-key system without the actuator. You will need to purchase an actuator that fits your door size. Other than that, it's basically ready to go.

Includes the following:

  • 12v 5 Amp power supply
  • WiFi garage door controller
  • Watertight enclosure 
  • Manual door button
  • External Status LEDs
  • (optional) Remote control



Keep your chickens safe and sound with the Chicken Coop Controller (Basic). The basic package is easy to install and automates your chicken coop door but unlike the 'board only' package, everything is already connected and ready to go for you. All you have to do is simply connect your actuator (not included) and the door sensor (included) to this controller box and the opening and closing of your door will be fully automated with notifications sent to your phone. The opening and closing is based on a time schedule so you control exactly when the door operates from your phone. You will also be able to check on the door status and open or close it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

 This package comes complete with everything listed above, minus the actuator arm. A suggested actuator arm is listed below. Like most of our CodeMakesItGo products, it is pre-programmed with our open source code. Feel free to inspect and modify the code if your coop door operates a little different or if you want to add addition capability like turning on lights when the door closes or playing music when the door opens.


Tech Specs:

Supports up to 3 Amp actuators.

*Actuators must have internal limit switch to power off the motor when fully extended or fully retracted. Most of them do, example of one is listed below. 

  • LED indicators for heartbeat, door closure, relays, and power
  • Internal self-resetting fuse that will trip at 3 Amps
  • USB type A connection for easy WiFi garage door power connection
  • Screw down terminals for Power input and Actuator output
  • Backup battery compatible
  • Arduino Nano with open source code
  • Extra IO available for you to customize
  • 12V 5 Amp power supply
  • 2.4Ghz WiFi garage door controller 
  • IP65 enclosure with mounts
  • Watertight  Cable glands for power, actuator, and door sensor cables


Phone App Features:

  • Visual indication of door position (open or closed)
  • Control door operation remotely
  • Set schedule to open and close door based on time of day for each day
  • Notifications for door opened and closed
  • Notification if door is unresponsive or lost connection
  • Control through Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Life


Required Additional Components:

Actuator Arm: (Please be sure to purchase the length you need for your coop door)

*The installation location will need to be within WiFi range for internet access. 

**The power supply requires 120V AC.

***Smart phone not included in pictures below. 

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