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Drive-in-theater Bluetooth Speaker

Drive-in-theater Bluetooth Speaker

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These are original drive-in-theater speakers converted to bluetooth. We made sure keep the speakers historical patina while replacing all the internal parts. Looks like a classic but sounds like new. These speakers were made in collaboration with Rodz & Bodz. A movie car museum that you can rent the cars for events. 


  • Original cast aluminum REED Speaker CO enclosures made in Golden CO. 
  • 11.1V 2000mah Li-ion battery (Up to 30 hours of battery life)
  • Bluetooth V4.2 receiver
  • Volume knob is fully functional!
  • Built in battery charger 

*Li-ion Rechargeable battery inside

 Potential fire risk if the battery is improperly handled or damaged

  •  Avoid extreme temperatures, keep your device between 104F and 14F
  •  Dropping or hitting the device can damage the battery
  •  Power off while charging. Do not use and charge at the same time 
  •  Do not expose device to water or moisture.

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